Various Ways to Control Mosquitoes at Home


Mosquito bites can be a tad too irritating. Don’t even mention the risk of contracting malaria. While it is recommended that you sleep under a treated mosquito net, their population can grow so big that they disturb when you are even walking in the house. So, how do we prevent the population of mosquitoes from growing?

Use Mosquito Repellents

The use of mosquito repellents is one of the best ways you can use at home. With mosquitoes repellent bands reviews, there is a lot you can rely on to keep home users safe from these insects. Kids and the old are more prone to malaria and will need the repellents more. Buy only the reliable ones so that they can effectively help the home users.


Drain All the Stagnant Water

Stagnant water is where mosquitoes love laying their eggs. This stagnant water could be swamps, marshes, and ponds. Water is mostly as a site for depositing the eggs. Moving water such as streams is not conducive for the breeding of mosquitoes. To eliminate mosquitoes, always drain all the stagnant water points. Alternatively, ensure that the all the ponds within the home are properly filled up with soil to prevent the build-up of water.

Treat All the Stagnant water

If draining the stagnant water is difficult, treating it might also be an option. Where the water points are difficult to remove, or the water body is part of the architectural design of the home, this option is the best. One of the methods of treating stagnant water is doing a 30-day treatment. This treatment ensures that the larvae do not grow.

Always ensure that the treatment method used is organic and safe for the environment and people. Studies are being done on whether coffee grounds can be effective in control of mosquito larvae. The coffee grounds, if found to be sustainable, prevent the development of young mosquito.

Control All Long Grass

Long grass is an ideal place for the mosquitoes to live. Mosquitoes prefer to take a rest in grass, shrubs, and plants that are long. Unlike stagnant water where the mosquitoes breed, this is where they rest during the day. When you walk in the long grass, you are likely to stir the mosquitoes. The grass should always be cut to at least 5 inches to prevent the congregation of mosquitoes. By cutting the grass, you will be forcing them to migrate elsewhere.

Always Fog Your Home

If your home is very attractive to the mosquitoes because of the plants grown, areas that are shaded, then fogging is the best option. When fogging, products that have cyfluthrin or pyrethroid as active ingredients should be used. Flogging should be done in moderation so that the environment is not affected while targeting the mosquitoes population.

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Grow Plants that Repel Mosquitoes

You need to try this method of controlling mosquitoes which is not only organic but also green. There are some plant species that the insects do not like because they either temper their reproduction cycle or affect their body functioning.

When you are choosing the plant to use in repelling the mosquitoes, also look at the plants’ growth conditions, sunlight and soil requirements. Some of the plants that you should consider are the Lemon balm, Basil, and Citronella Grass. These plants may not help in the elimination of mosquitoes 100%, but certainly to a large extent.

In conclusion, after considering these various ways to control mosquitoes at home, the mosquitoes will not disappear completely. Therefore, sleep under a treated mosquito net.