Things to do on how to clean a clogged grease trap

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The grease traps are made to trap the fatty oils, sludge, and greases, and helps in separations of water from the oil. The grease traps pass through a catching drainage, which provides enough time for solidifying and cooling off, the water goes through the system as usual.

This drain must be kept in a proper functioning with regular checkups for it to work correctly in keeping the grease trap free from dirt. When done in the right way, the article gives the tips that will help you clean the desentupidora para caixa de gordura entupida, and by applying these methods, you will save some ample cash for your family or your business.

Tips on how to clean clogged grease traps

Remove the lid and gently use pry bar

grease trap materialsThis process requires the first cation be keen and take it slow as you detach the cover. If in any case, you damage these stages, you will terminate the whole system, and it will force you to spend some cash to replace. To avoid this you can hire someone, or people experienced it will not only add additional cost, but it will ensure that these, the step goes as required.

Slide the wooden dowel into the clogged grease trap

Gently make the dowel to the bottom of the drain, and stir it gently this will help the oils and the grease marks in the dowel to mix. After mixing, take away the dowel, and introduce the measuring tape to show you how many inches of the waste present in the drain. By doing this, you will be able to find the proper pumping out power, which is given by the EPA the Environmental Protection Agency.

Drain any standing water from your grease tank

You can prefer to reuse the water later by storing the water in the trash bin and pour back the water to the drain when you finish collecting the waste from the system. These sounds economical because the clean process is not done once if you reuse the water again will save you some cleaning cost.

Distant from the small waste bucket the grease traps

Scoop the container into the trap, which will help to remove the solidified waste. Make sure that you place the waste in a closed water container, a heavy plastic with the trash bag, which will make sure that the waste, cannot leak and flow to the clean drainage. By doing this, you will achieve a decent system away from the grease.

Wash down the lid with bucket water

grease trap installationTry to remove any traces of oils or fat that might have remained by scraping the walls of the lid side by side. To attain the best clean trap, you can apply the dry or the wet vacuum sucker to suck out all the small fatty bits of dirt.

Join the grease traps parts

Dry all parts thoroughly and re-install the components as required. You can hire some experts to join the traps and ensure the proper working. A clean trap free from dirt achieves the best both in business working and for domestic use.