How To Deal With A Busted Water Pipe

Shut Up The Main Water Supply To House

It is in the morning, you have woken up from your good sleep. Stepping into your kitchen, you find a pool of water which continues to increase due to a broken busted water pipe. What are you meant to do to change this day from bad to good?
The more the damage if you delay acting promptly. Time is of the essence when there is a broken water pipe in your kitchen. In a matter of hours, small leaks can do a lot of water damage in your house. To minimize damage and manage this kind of this emergency, here are some few things you need to do.

1. Shut Up The Main Water Supply To House Shut Up The Main Water Supply To House

This is the first and foremost best thing to do. Water won’t be supplied to your home, or there will no be leakage through the broken pipeline if you close the main water supply. If you live in apart houses, tell your caretaker about the emergency and ask him to turn off the main water supply to your house. Turn on the house tap and drain all the water from the pipe.

2.Call For Emergency Plumbing Service

In such emergency situations, a professional plumber is all you need. A professional can find the cause of the leaking pipe by assessing the problem, and he will detect other underlying issues. Their good plumbers who when called for an emergency will respond as quick as possible.

3. Turn Off Your Main Electricity Power Switch.

Water is an excellent conductor of electricity. There is a potential for a safety hazard to occur if water from busted pipes gets into open house circuits, like power outlets and switches. It is advisable to turn off your power supply so that water does not get into contact with open circuits before anyone gets an electric shock.

4. Collect The Leaked Water

Collect as much as possible water from the leakage; you use buckets, pots, basins, towels and large blankets before the plumber arrives to prevent more damage in the house. If you have water trickling down from the ceiling, use a long handle stick like a broom handle to poke through the plaster or paint. You can control a water damage in your home that is caused by a busted pipe with a presence of mind and switch action. If you follow the above steps, you are likely to result in more good than harm to your home when the same issue may occur again.